Romantic Casual Wedding Photography Session

The link above provides a pdf of our casual portrait tips. A critical precursor to capturing your best side on the wedding day. This session is also very important as a relationship builder between you and photographer. The best portraits are made when we feel relaxed together, knowing what to expect, feeling confident about the results. Plus, these shots make great gifts for bridal party and family members for our wedding entertainment in palm beach.

We shoot and shoot and shoot to capture as many moments, smiles, hugs, kisses, tears, and twirls as possible. We don’t look at the watch very often, and prefer not to count film during your wedding. So we don’t limit ourselves with film numbers much when it comes to capturing all those great images. We also don’t use shot lists during your wedding (ask about our “cliff notes” 2 months beforehand). And we don’t disrupt the event – we catch the best photos being stealthy, not obtrusive.

Natural Portraits
We keep them short and sweet, quick and painless! Capturing the real you quickly and naturally, using a single studio
light and natural backgrounds, not hovering over you with tons of equipment and fussy assistants.

Professional Results
Trusting film to the best professionals in the country, for quality results every time. Using only the best equipment, with a wide variety of professional films to record your event with creativity and professionalism. Providing only the best finished Originals, each image the very best print available. Negatives Included– saves you $$$ hundreds $$$. Protected in an archival binder in archival pages. You can create your own keepsakes as your time and budget allow.

Life Simplified
On-line Services so your friends and family both near and far can view your wedding photos quickly and painlessly. Secure ordering from a wonderful array of artistic options: a magazine or cd of your originals, framed prints, Art Originals, borders, sepia… Plus watercolors, hand-tinted black & white, hand-crafted art paper albums, and so much more. We’re always looking for new and beautiful ways to preserve and display all those images. Email us for a link to tour the site.

Art Gallery
Hand crafted albums, watercolor and painterly images, selectively hand-tinted black & white, art borders, and more to satisfy our creative side. We also have Wedding Collection upgrade options; i.e. a Deluxe Seville Album of Artsy 5×5 Originals instead of the standard binder of 4×6 prints.

Call a Pro
We recommend using a coordinator with professional experience for your event. We’ve attended so many events that could have been so much more enjoyable with a professional on hand to take care of the details. Contact your nearest professional organization, click wedding links for help finding area professionals for your wedding day, or email us for info.

For More Information
To see more of our work, visit Our Favorite Wedding for a click-thru 47-photo wedding event. For info, please send an email including date, style, ideas, preferences, times & locations, numbers of guests and wedding party,… Click News for the latest photo tips, news, specials,…. And ask about a link to our “kitchen sink” wedding booklet (all the info you could possibly want and then some.)

A Word of Caution
Don’t be fooled. Photojournalism is more than just the latest trendy term. It’s actually a completely different viewpoint, a different perspective than most portrait photographers have.

“Being trained as a portrait guy, I was taught not to waste film. I have come to the point where I won’t press the button unless I can make money with the shot. This is what I’ve tried to do with the pictures…. These are, I think, great candids, except that the truth is, they are all posed.”

He goes on to describe how each example in the article is shot, for each and every wedding he does. I have come to realize that most portrait photographers shoot for themselves, with making $$ their ultimate goal. Most photojournalists shoot for the story (no matter how much film it takes!) And true Wedding Photojournalists shoot for the bride and groom! The choice is completely yours.

Also don’t let the portrait photographer tell you that photojournalists don’t shoot “portraits.” Freelancing for local papers myself, and being married to a full-time photojournalist, I know just how many portaits news photographers really shoot in a week. Usually it’s quite a few more than a standard portait studio, mostly on location, with less equipment, in unfamiliar surroundings, and in the midst of tight deadlines, often forced to tell the story in one shot.

Having begun as an assistant to a studio, my first solo assignment was actually documenting an event. I assisted him for years. Sadly my favorite mentor moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky. I then worked with several other photographers. Helping portrait photographers at weddings was frustrating for me because more often than not the male photographer was missing the most special moments. It got to be that I wouldn’t go if I couldn’t bring my own camera. I finally started working with, and then for, a photojournalist, eventually shooting weddings for him. I also began shooting local interest events for small publications. I enjoyed “portraits” but events were always my favorite.
As I gained experience, I was fortunate to shoot assignments for both main local newspapers. Also, having “caught the eye” of one of the top photojournalists in the city, and marrying him, I have the pleasure of shooting in my free time as well. Having a spouse share your interest has its advantages. Even on vacation we burn thru the frames. We once shot 80 rolls of 36 exposure film in 8 days out west, despite having one camera die during the trip. We’re both addicted to capturing life’s moments.
Personally, being a hopeless romantic helps on the wedding day too. I truly love documenting weddings, all the details, the romance, the intimate moments, the joy shared with family and friends, the beauty of the bride, the style of the groom, the start of their married life together.
I look forward to working with each and every couple, and do my best to record their day, for them. That is why I include the negatives. I am a photojournalist, not an order taker. I photograph the story, not just faces. My goal is not to sell hundreds of prints, but to preserve the fleeting moments of the day.
Please feel free to contact me, with any thoughts, questions, etc.

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